planting, cooking, burning….

Not been very good at this blogging lark of late. But to be honest my heart hasn’t been in it, real life has been far too hectic and rather a bit too stressful to manage to blog too. Maybe it’s a winter thing, horrid weather, horrid temperament? Whatever the reason I’m hoping I’ve got some blogging mojo back. And if not it’s not the end of the world, I’m not exactly setting the blogosphere alight anyhows.


Garden update is as follows:

50 strawberry plants dug up and relocated – this is on top of 18 I hand picked (harhar) a few weeks ago, which takes my strawberry plant toll to 68…. Will this be enough? Don’t really know, only had 4 last year and that really wasn’t enough!

10 raspberry canes planted – thank you mum-in-law for these, although I know I have the task of making raspberry jam this autumn (if we get any raspberries of course!)

35 early potatoes in

– 9 pentland javelin

– 26 of something else, neither of us can remember at the moment… were hoping we’ll find the little bit of paper Tom wrote on at the garden centre at some point


That’s about it for now.


I keep noticing on everyone else’s blog that they’ve sown lots already, find it strange that this time last year when I was rather busy with giving birth then tiny baby, toddler and teenagers I managed to get everything done exactly as I was supposed to. This year with 1yr old, 3yr old and teenagers I’m finding it almost impossible to get anything done, I do mean anything done!


Chicken’s are doing well and other than a few days when we only had 3 eggs instead of 4 the ladies have consistently laid throughout the winter. Did have a couple of days this week when all 4 managed to ‘stop laying’ at the same time… no eggs in the nest box, or the disused rabbit hutch that’s cluttering up the garden and often gets used. Puzzling, but then it was time for ham, egg and chips and I sent Noise out to investigate – she wasn’t actually under pain of death, and I didn’t actually tell her not to return until she’d found the missing eggs BUT she did return with 9 eggs…. hidden under the straw by the nesting box?? Deliberate or accidental? Is this the sign of a broody hen, I thought they just sat on them – not stashed them! All moulting but only a tiny bit, nothing significant although I think one of the brown ones had less featherage on her breast than the others – will check when I tuck them in tonight.


Ah well.


This weekend I’m hoping to get the house organised. Tom’s off climbing Ben Nevis/larking about up a mountain so I’m home with the 4 girls. In the past, pre-little ones any time Tom disappeared off to do something he’d come home to find rooms reorganised, re-arranged and re-decorated – these days he’s lucky if I’ve managed to convince anyone to do the washing up! Hoping this weekend’ll be different. Off tomorrow to get some nice baskets for the dining room so I can hopefully sort out my craft pile…. Although the bit that needs a ‘storage solution’ is in fact the pile of ‘things to be mended’ so, maybe instead of spending my Tom’s hard earned cash I might get round to a bit of sewing?


Also on the agenda for tomorrow is to collect a pile of clothes from a lovely freecycler (who I happen to know has rather good taste – as in good quality, ethically produced/manufactured, not mainstream) for Boo, well, for Boo to grow in to as they start at age 5 and she’s not quite in that size yet. So, I’m quite excited. I figure anything that needs mending can go in the ‘things to be mended’ pile with all the other ‘things to be mended’!


For dinner this eve (even without Tom’s help..) we achieved homemade pizza’s from dough to topping, including a wheat-free version for Yogi. I prepared the dough, then Noise took over – unfortuantely she wasn’t listening to instructions…. bases were about an inch and a half thick and the toppings were sparse. Ah well, she’ll know for next time. She’s was very good and cleared up afterwards, filled the dishwasher, washed up the things that don’t go in, put th edishwasher on….. I asked what the odd noise was, she just commented that it was the dishwasher. I got on with a couple of bits then went to get the babies ready for bed and didn’t like the sound so opened the dishwasher and it didn’t seem to be working so (luckily it turns out) I turned it off and left it while I got the babies into bed. Did that, told Noise she’d have to wash up  the dishwasher bits as it didn’t seem to be working and then popped out to get Muffin. Got in, tried the dishwasher again – seconds 30 at most, still no luck so I switched off, opened up and out poured the smoke….. Ah well, we’ll be looking for a new dishwasher then


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