climbing in the peak district July 2008

not a veggie update (although i’ll slip a little in no doubt)

we’ve just made a 7 hour drive (should’ve been 4 – 5 but it never is for us…) to the peak district to celebrate a friends 30th, they moved to glasgow last autumn and so now we see very little of them and it was in fact the first time they’d seen Yogi.

friday eve was spent setting up camp just outside Hope/Hathersage and attempting a BBQ in the pouring rain. luckily after a bit of a downpour it eased off and the rest of the evening went well, friends arrived that we hadn’t seen for a while (in one case in almost 2 years!) and we got see J & A who are off to Canada this week one last time before they go. the kids were a little tricky to get to sleep, Noise went first amazingly, followed by Muffin and then finally Yogi & Boo went roughly together at about 11pm!

saturday all got up, lots of fried breakfasts were consumed and the birthday boy plus 3 other hardened climbers headed off for some serious climing. we six settled for some fairly easy climbing at stanage where Boo could try her first climb and Yogi could at least touch rock, Tom didn’t get to climb as he just wanted the kids to get some clmbing in








yogi touches rock

yogi touches rock


sunday we joined some of the others and tom & noise got to climb too

noise climbing

noise climbing


and tom climbs too

and tom climbs too

finally 5 months late i get round to adding the images and posting this!


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