exciting crafty times

so all is very exciting in the land of barbara – well for barbara it is!

my delivery arrived from The Soap Kitchen today, lots of yummy cocoa and shea butter and oils and things! i’m very excited because now i can make lots of Christmas goodies. in fact i’m not actually buying any pressies this year other than for the children. i’ve got the whole extended family covered plus friends so i’m very pleased. i’m also making some rather delicious bath melts to go in the girls advent envelopes so i’m extra pleased my delivery arrived as it gives me time to get them done before monday.

the garden’s not doing much at the mo, except tom put down lots of week suppressing fabric that we got off freecycle from a nursery. oh, sprouts are still doing well.

inside is so much more fun than outside at the moment. i’ve got my Christmas goodies that i’m making – body butters, massage bars, bath melts and bath salts (that sounds like such an oldie thing to be making but i’m hoping the younger recipients won’t be offended as they’re really nice). i’m also making socks for the chaps – and some of the smaller chapeses, Boo’s are already complete – although hers aren’t for Christmas, they’re just for wellies….

welly sock mid make

welly sock mid make

i used this sock pattern from downsizer.net and found it really simple to follow and very quick to do.
i’ve made blackberry jam – Tom took photo’s but they’re on his phone.
Boo got busy with some Christmas makes too
purses by boo

purses by boo

and in earlier news the two older girls had birthdays and i made cakes
muffins frog cake

muffins frog cake

noises cat cake

noises cat cake

and in even earlier news i plaited onions!
red-onion-plait        white-onion-plait1
not bad for a first attempt i thought. all the white onions have now gone, which is a shame but they were lovely while they lasted.
that’s it for tonights update, tom wants me back for a bit.

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