plot planning (post 1 today)

not a major amount of planning goin on i have to say but i think i’ve decided some things. (note – think i have decided)

i think one of the raised beds will become a strawberry bed. the ones i planted earlier in the year have gone mad and now there seem to be hundreds of the things. i think i might be best to dig up and plant where they are less likely to be seen as a nuisance! i don’t think i ever imagined i might consider strawberries to be a nuisance….

i think i’d like another of the raised beds to be an asparagus bed. tom loves asparagus, i’m sure it’d be very good for Boo & Yogi. it’s not like it’d be wasted and if the girls start on it young enough they might learn to not mind the unfortunate effect it has on ones wee…..

tom has covered our amazing nettle patch(es) with weed supressant material and i am hoping that we can convince someone locally to loan us a rotavator to turn it all over next year – although we both suspect there’s an awfully large amount of rubble beneath the surface and so we might never achieve anything in that area.

we’re on the waiting list for an allotment within our parish. we’re hoping to be able to grow our potatoes and various other things up there, i’d like to be able to grow the stuff i like to potter with the girls with here at home and the rest up there. the good thing about the allotments are that each plot is totally enclosed so it might actually be a realistic thought for me to be up there lots with the girls. there’s also running water.

we’re hoping to clear the area around the pond too. not sure how sensible this is considering the ages of our littlies but as they’re never in that area alone it should be perfectly ok. it’s not within the garden and access would either be via our garden ‘allotment’ or via the driveway – which she has to go out the front gate for, i’d like to think i’m observant enough to spot the girls had got that far.  the other reason it might not be terribly sensible is purely because of the size of the job. we’ve chopped the nettles in the past and it’s never enough (we’ve never managed to chop them all). i just fancy burning the whole flipping lot but that’s not a good idea either – lots of wildlife round (& in) the pond.

ok so not a very good post today, but i’m back, i just need to get some thoughts organised and maybe i can get back to this properly.


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