crafty tuesday (post 2 today)

well i should be collecting the girls but i’m not that desperate to hear their arguments yet so they can hang on a bit while i post this.

Boo & I got on with making Christmas pressies this morning. I aquired a large pile of felt from a lovely lady on freecycle and so we set ourselves the task of making purses. i say ‘we’ but they are Boo’s creations so she should take all the credit.

She’s drawn round the template, I’ve cut them out (well she isn’t 3 yet i can let her loose with tailors scissors yet..), she’s punched holes all round the edges, we’ve folded them and i’ve helped her blanket stitch round the edges. she chose the colour of the felt and the wool for stitching for each person. she’s very proud. and so am i, she did very well and (for her) was very patient (mostly) and very careful (mostly) and we didn’t end up with any injuries or disasters so it was a very successful exercise.

pics to follow this evening (after i’ve got the girls from school….)


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