A recipe for Rach

For Rach at City Bumpkin who has a surfeit of pears!

Heads up Rach, i’ve never tried this but my ex-grandmother-in-law gave me the recipe and i know she & great-grandad used to really enjoy them.

Pickled Pears

4lb firm pears (doesn’t say which)

squeeze of lemon juice

cinammon stick

1oz piece fresh root ginger, peeled & sliced

3-4 whole cloves

1pint white wine vinegar

1lb 4oz sugar

Peel, halve & core the pears. Immerse in saucepan of water with lemon juice. Simmer gently for an hour or so, until just tender. Put the remianing ingredients in in a preserving pan & heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, bring to the boil and then simmer for 5 minutes.

Remove pears from the water (carefully – you really don’t want to make them mushy…) & put them in the spicy vinegar syrup. Simmer for about 15minutes – the pears should look transluscent (grandma wrote ‘transparent’ but i’m not sure you could go that far without them disintegrating!) & should be very tender (but not falling  apart).

Lift out pears using a slotted spoon & pack into sterilised jars. Boil the syrup for another 5minutes to thicken, pour over the pears – make sure they’re completely covered & then cover & seal.


One thought on “A recipe for Rach

  1. Ooh. That looks amazing – thanks! I have used the pears I got earlier in the year now, but if I get some more (which is quite likely as the tree in question occasionally needs relieving of windfalls) I will definitely give this a go.

    There is something very exciting about making pickled anything! xxx

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