22nd september 2008

so, today is my birthday and Muffin plotted with others to make my birthday quite special. thank you to all who contributed to our girly day out. tom bought me a trug, so thank you tom and boo drew me a lovely picture, yogi cried, and noise chose me a lovely candle holder, thank you all. grandma sent me a new set of weights for my scales so i can stop cursing and using various coins in place of smaller weights and sally sent me a lovely little bag. i even received a parcel from my mum – although none of it was for me the girls (well only the 2 little ones so far as the other 2 are at school) have received some lovely things from Abuela.

the garden has been blooming. we picked our potato haul and have been thoroughly enjoying the eating of them, along with a huge carrot crop! our carrots have proved fantastic in spite of our dogy start at the beginning. i’m getting ready to make chutney from the stack of marrows we’ve grown, spicy pumpkin soup is on the menu too, if i can convince the girls to go blackberry picking and NOT eat them all on the way then i might even stretch to blackberry jam too – if yogi allows me to move far enough away to get the pans out of the larder….. we’ve even harvested 2 tiny melons, they’re about the size of a large apple! oo oo i’ve just thought, tom’s been trading eggs at work and so i have cooking apples so i might make blackberry and apple jam too, and maybe, as it’s my birthday i might make an apple crumble as it’s one of my favourites – of course this is all yogi dependent…. we’ve eaten cabbage, and peas, and dwarf french beans, and leek (please note the singular here!) and of course potato and carrots, it’s been lovely. we’ve had fairly minimal success with our tomatoes, i think we went on holiday at the wrong time and they didn’t get watered enough but we have had some tomatoes and plenty of delicious lettuce.

i’ve acquired a pile of fabric and patterns so expect lots of crafty things to be happening here in the near future, pictures of all will follow as soon as i get myself organised. these days it’s hard enough to get to the laptop without having to think about pics too!


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