crafty stuff

i will try try try to add pics later as a post about what i’ve been creating isn’t terribly interesting without the pictures to show (although maybe the pictures are too honest, maybe i should just pretend i’ve created some masterpieces…)

this week i found a very easy skirt pattern by angry chicken and figured it was time to use the fabric i had aquired. now, please understand that this is not fabric that i have gone out and deliberately chosen but fabric that has come my way. the first (pic to follow later) came from the scrapstore, and the second from my friend G, her mums friend was having a clear out and as G doesn’t do floral (not that i thought i did either but hey..) and she only has a son she thought she’d pass some my way. my first hurdle was to get hold of Fold Over Elastic (FOE) in the UK without importing from the US, so i searched and found this site and ordered some FOE, i was wary having never used the stuff, never seen the stuff and not being convinced about the colours i was choosing…. but i did. less than 48 hours it had arrived and i was excited. so i set about turning the strange and not terribly atractive fabric into two 5 minute skirts. then i bought tops to go with them (£3 and £4 respectively) and so for the cost of 2 lengths of elastic, postage for that and 2 tops i have 2 complete new outfits. luckily i’m going on holiday so i can wear them without fear of bumping into people i know and see every day (just my family and those i grew up with!!)

muffin wanted to make shorts, so she did. we have only just worked out how to do the waist band and as i need to complete mine and the babies packing and then we leave at 5.30 tomorrow morning i think the shorts will need to be finished in spain (maybe with help from Abuela). muffin realises that using jersey for a first sewing project wasn’t necessarily the best idea in the world but actually it’s worked. and they don’t look half bad at all, in fact i think they look pretty fantastic.

i also thought i’d convert a rather mad dress from the scrapstore into a skirt, all that’s required is the FOE and a hem so i might have time later as it’s straightforward. i might also make a ‘snood’ as Tom’s neck gets cold when we’re in the car and we have 3 days driving ahead of us…. G’s stash included a large piece of black fleece.

can’t think of anything else crafty for now


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