i will i will i will update soon

but in the meantime i wanted to say that today i:

dug up potatoes, 2 plants in order to make a tortilla

pulled up 2 parmex carrots for Boo to eat for her lunch

a very large handfull of pea pods, for us all to eat for our lunch

collected 4 eggs (for the tortilla too)

3 tomatoes from the greenhouse (cherry so just for Boo!)

and yesterday i picked a mixing bowl full of dwarf french beans

so although i’m not updating – due to hecticness (?word) of having 4 children, 1 of whom on the go constantly, 1 only 20weeks old and me feeling the effects of PND things are a happenning

i’m even doing craft, Boo and i made felt fingerpuppets for Daddy’s birthday and for Jo’s birthday too, we’re doing lots of gluing and sticking but no sewing and i even managed a birthday cake for Daddy in the shape of a ‘sunshine’ “a chocolate one that looks like a yellow sunshine” was the instruction i got from Boo. i’ll see if Noise has a pic on her camera but i have to confess it wasn’t the most attractive birthday cake i’ve ever made – consider one demanding toddler and one teething baby interspersed with escaping chickens and school runs and there you have it one slightly shoddy looking but very delicious sunshine chocolate birthday cake!

off now to finish making picnic so we can get on train to head to Hyde Park for friends leaving get together, they’re off to Canada in a couple of weeks, maybe Boo will make them fingerpuppets too… although the fabric shop is closed due to a fire in the above lap dancing club so we won’t be buying any more felt anytime soon


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