yay, boo’s not sick anymore

so, as the title says boo’s not sick, nor is yogi (who started once boo stopped..) and tom has been to canada and back, the carpenter & painters came and repaired and painted our windows and i’ve survived. not brilliantly but i have.

the garden is blooming but i haven’t downloaded photo’s from camera. boo has been eating peas straight from the garden, both green podded and purple podded. we’ve had strawberries and even some potatoes. the first ripe, red tomato was eaten yesterday and all (almost) in the garden is rosy. the carrots are struggling. some bastard rabbits keep eating them, although we may now have solved that and the brassica issue so things could be looking up. we have squashes and melons and celery and all sorts doing very nicely thank you and i will insert images once i get the chance.

the chickens seem to be doing ok, mostly 4 eggs a day. they have completely trashed my herb garden but it was to be expected and nothing further will be planted until one of us has constructed a lid for the patch.

muffin’s having a good time at school after a horrid period. Noise is thoroughly enjoying being in school and has chosen her GCSE options, all of which she is very happy with. Boo started Tumble Tots and is loving it. Yogi, well she’s just yogi, small and smiley and very very loud – being the youngest of 4 she definitely want’s to not be forgotten…..

anyway, proper catch up another time when i have more time, and some images and i feel more like me


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