Boo’s sick

no real work going on here at the moment – well other than some freecycling as boo is sick.

she’s been sick since monday, all she wanted to do monday was watch telly and regardless of the less telly life we’re trying to lead i let her, she was so grouchy i decided to just go with it, i’m glad i did. monday evening she started throwing up, continued until midnight, then took a four hour break and started again at 4am…. took a few short breaks through the day and then managed a full nights sleep! yay, we thought, she’s better…. nope, wednesday we called the doc and the conclusion was if we couldn’t get her to keep anything down in the next couple of hours she would have to spend the night in the Royal Alex (children’s hosp)…. this is where the good bit/fun started!

the doc pointed out that as i was still breastfeeding  her (which i don’t shout about but do feel very strongly about) we had the best possible chance of keeping her out of hospital. if i could just convince her to only take tiny amounts every 15minutes for an hour and then every 10 minutes she should be ok. so that’s what we did. and so far she hasn’t been sick since 4.30pm yesterday – i haven’t had the courage to let her take more milk in one go yet though. i thought if she made it to 4.30pm today then she could have some toast maybe? she’s still quite listless but better than yesterday and as i said, 21 and a half hours without throwing up…

so that’s probably it blogwise for this week, i’m knackered but, yay for breastmilk, if she wasn’t still breastfed she’d have spent the night in hospital, attached to a drip!


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