introducing the ladies properly

finally i get round to introducing the chickens!

Here we have Cindy, the first of our ladies to start laying, she’s a good layer, in fact we have had 2 doubleyokers from her that we know of (we’ve given a few eggs away so we don’t know about these). Cindy belongs to Yogi & Rach. She’s not too much of a troublemaker, other than the herb garden she hasn’t wandered – and the herb garden isn’t actually protected so she was bound to go in there.

Cindy was named by Rach, who named her after Cindy Bear in the Yogi Bear cartoon


 Now Really Real Toot belongs to Boo, and i do wonder whether this was a conscious decision on Boo’s part or whether they were drawn to each other…. Toot is a good layer and as mischievious as her Boo. Her wings have been clipped, we have chicken-wire all round the garden and yet she can still be found quite regularly wandering around where she shouldn’t be. Her favourite spot has got to be the herb garden but the field out back and the allotment are close seconds, she hasn’t visited next door in a while but i’m sure she’ll head there soon. She can even make it over the stable door that is our back door and so into the kitchen. We love her though, wouldn’t swap her for the world….. Toot got her name from a book that Boo liked a lot at the time we got the chickens, it’s about an owl called Toot who’s trying to learn to fly, Boo’s reckoning was that hers was Really Real as opposed to just a picture in a book, you can’t argue with a 2 year old so that’s her name.

Lazy Maisie belongs to Noise, now, we she was named Lazy Maisie as she just sat there and waited to be caught when we first went to choose chickens, this reminded us of Noise. Since getting her home we’ve discovered she’s not so much lazy as crazy (another synonym for her owner….) so, they still suit each other. Maisie was the 3rd to start laying and we’re very pleased with her. She doesn’t get up to too much mischief and she’s quite pleasant to be around.



Last but not least we have Road Runner AKA Roadie, named for the difficulty that was had catching her when we went to get her. She has since shown just how unroadrunner like she is in her lovely placid nature. Roadie belongs to Muffin and as you can see is a little camera shy. Roadie was the last of the ladies to start laying and had a couple of false starts with just soft empty egg shells being produced. We don’t mind though, i’m sure most of us would relish the chance to build up to the egg laying business! We all agree that she is the most beautiful of the ladies with golden (well kinda ginger) feathers around her neck.

All four ladies are currently laying, most days we have 4 eggs. They all started small with weeny little eggs and got bigger, with Cindy laying monster sized eggs! Each day we thank them for their eggs, it seems a little disrespectful (and ungrateful) to just take them.

So, that’s the ladies introduced.


One thought on “introducing the ladies properly

  1. I am so excited! Cindy is beautiful, I am so proud. The others look fantastically healthy as well, looking forward to meeting them in a week or so! I still reckon I could fit in a couple in our garden, are they noisy? xxx

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