i keep meaning to…

blog about food. not that i’m obsessed but i love cooking (and of course eating) so i keep meaning to blog the lovely food that i cook (well we think it’s lovely….)

i will start doing that. recipe and pictures hopefully. in fact here’s one for you now, one that reminds me of home. one my abuela used to cook (well actually it was Tia Susa but i always thought it was my Abuela that did the cooking (she was 80 when i was born so maybe she needed a break from the cooking!)

chorizo & chickpeas, can’t call it anything more interesting it is what it is!


dash of olive oil

an onion

3 fresh chorizos

2 tins of chickpeas (or 3 if there’s lots of you!)

2 potatoes (cut up into quite small cubes)

soften the onions, fry the chorizo, add the chickpeas & potato. simmer all for about 15 minutes (add water to give a little sauce) and serve with big chunks of bread – preferably sourdough

hardboil a couple of eggs in it too if you need more food for more people



2 thoughts on “i keep meaning to…

  1. Thanks for stoping by! Re Sweet Peas for your wedding, thanks for the shout out! It was very hard work and pretty stressful at times (Summer 2006 was VERY hot) Lots of watering, pinching off the tendrils, tying in etc but worth it for the blooms, scent & sense of achievement! You could rope your children in- being different ages they could tend at different heights! Hope all is well with little Yogi et al.
    SWD x
    PS If you go ahead, get them started in October under cover, then plant more next spring as back up!

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