it would appear both the older girls will be in school by the end of june. we had a look around a local school this morning, for noise to enter asap in yr 9 and for muffin to enter in september in yr 7. they both liked it – noise didn’t even complain about the uniform! the school felt pretty good, as schools go…. for a conventional state secondary school (community college) it was pretty good, one huge plus is that it has a farm, the children get a lot of the lessons from there, as in the farm is incorporated into their lessons, science, maths, art, english – i think they try to use it in every part of the curriculum, which for us is a positive, it shows they relate learning to real life. the school also has good art & music facilities which both girls appreciate and also dance. tom noticed a climbing wall – the head said they had no instructor, tom pointed out he is a qualified instructor…. she said that was useful to know, very useful to know

bit of a rambly, waffly post especially as haven’t posted for a while but sleep deprivation and a lack of time to blog have kept me away – also lots of stresses

but the chickens are laying (well at least 3 of them are).


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