oh and some other things

as per the previous post – the chickens are laying, 3 eggs a day from the 4 ladies, we think it’s just roadie that isn’t laying yet.

toot keeps escaping next door! the other ladies tell her off when she starts out but they can’t stop her, they just make lots of noise and hope we hear!

the potatoes are storming along nicely, the brassicas are gone, all gone. so i’ve resorted to buying some plants from the garden centre, unfortunately i was only able to buy 6 cauli and 6 sprouts, no calabresse, no cabbage but it’s a start. the peas are amazing, the overwintered onions are doing nicely but something has eaten my carrot seedlings, they were small but they were there – and now they are not! ah well, more to be sown, and this time better protected. the ones in the main bed hadn’t come up yet anyway (the conventional ones) but the parmex (round ones) were doing really well.

parsnips aren’t showing through yet but then tom hadn’t realised i’d sown them yet and dug the area over again so i’m guessing they won’t. dwarf french beans are yet to pop either. i’m feeling a little disheartened but not majorly, it’ll all turn out fine in the end i’m sure. the stuff that’s growing well is growing really well, i just need to sow that that has been eaten again!

on a different topic, we bought a tent today, huge it is. i keep thinking ‘do we really need a tent that big?’ and then i look at the family and think ‘yup we do’ i keep looking at the sharan and thinking ‘is it big enough, will it do us on the trip to spain’ and then i think ‘it’ll bloody have to!’

that’s it now, yogi’s asleep and therefore so should i be. just needed to update in order to update otherwise by the time i update it’ll be next year!!



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