strawberry and chocolate and banana cake recipe

Boo says….

“some stlawberries an some banana an some toclat blownie that Muffin made de uva week on top”

i think that’s it.

the toclat blownie in the recipe was made like this….

4oz plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
12oz light brown soft sugar
3oz green & blacks cooking chocolate, chopped roughly
4oz butter
3 eggs
2 tsp instant decaf coffee

grease & flour tin & preheat oven (180o)
sift flour & baking powder into sugar
melt chocololate & butter over a pan of water
beat in eggs & coffee
mix in flour etc and beat until smooth, pour into prepared tin
bake for 45minutes until firm on top
cool in the tin then cut into squares

Muffin made the brownies completely on her own and other than ‘mum what’s espresso (and then nearly adding neat ground coffee from the freezer….)’ she really did do it completely on her own. Which many of us could’ve done easily at 11 but she has always had Noise ‘assisting’ her and so has never really been able to do anything on her own… not incapable just never demonstrated.

I have to say they were the tastiest brownies i’ve had in a very long time, deliciously chewy on the inside yet crisp on the outside. they were perfect. well done Muffin! I would post a pic but they really didn’t last long enough to photograph. i think i’ll get her to make them again this weekend and this time I will photograph them!


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