peas and an unfortunate chicken incident

we planted peas, well we planted out pea plants, 15 of them. and then boo planted 2 pea seeds directly into her ‘veg trough’ and Toot, her chicken promptly stuck her head through the fence and ate one of them! i’ll replace it this weekend – while Toot isn’t looking so hopefully she won’t realise…..

Boo also planted some parmex carrot seeds, 3 parsnip seeds and 2 french beans in her trough. i’m not sure about optimum spacings etc but they were definitely well watered (or drowned, i’m not sure which), it’s good that she is so keen to plant her own veggies, i hope she does get something come up (i may cheat and plant a pea plant and a french bean in there for her – so she’s not discouraged rather than to cheat)

together we planted out the peas, which included 3 purple podded peas, we sowed half a row of purple carrots and a row and a half of early nantes, then 2 rows of parmex in the raised carrot bed and a row of parsnips. am i doing the right thing with this successional sowing malarky? i hope so, we’ll have to wait and see. nothing seems to be coming up yet (other than the storming pea plants) and i’m sure that the particularly cold weather has meant that what’s already outside has probably been chilled and byt the time it gets going again it’ll just be at the same stage as those planted this week. ah well, it’s how we learn when we don’t actually have someone to show us how. i’m sure my dad would but he’s a long long way away and not actually well enough to be planting anything just yet, although mum says he’s been out looking at the ‘huerta’  plot….  i don’t think there’s any chance he won’t plant potatoes this year in spite of a very nasty case of bronchitis and flu – he was 76 a couple of weeks ago and has very poor lung function due to a dodgy work environment a very big number of years ago (before i was born….) so it’s really knocked it out of him.


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