chickens again – and a little bit about veg!

just a quick blog confession. i took 45 photos of chickens yesterday. i won’t bore you with them, i promise. well, not many of them…..

the chickens have names, i’ll match each name to a face and that’ll be about it  – but not until later, blogging while feeding yogi in order to maximise time….

i have spent time with chickens,

i have planned work for noise,

i have planted out more peas,

i have looked and discovered where i’m behind in my sowing/planting (quite),

i have weeded the carrots

all whilst wearing yogi in a wrap on my front… and supervising boo. i clearly wasn’t paying a huge amount of attention when planning noises maths as i now need to go help her learn how to re-arrange equations which in my post-pregnancy, sleep-deprived state (no shouting allowed) could be quite a feat!

i should add boo is having a whale of a time (where did that saying come from!) watching chickens, following chickens, escaping from chickens (and the back garden…. (barbara holds hand to mouth and hollers “tom, turns out boo can squeeze through the side gate”)), and noticing said chickens can squeeze through a gap in the fence to nextdoor (barbara again hollers at tom “tom, turns out chickens can squeeze through to next door!!” tom is of course at work in town and can’t hear at all!)), oh and did i mention she was laying down near the chickens too? no, well she was but now toot pecked her nose she’s decided it’s not quite such a good idea and she’s even hiding her apple from them – see they’re constantly learning…. kids not chickens, although i’m sure the chickens are learning too


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