addendum to the previous post

it would appear my 2 missing purple podded pea seeds have turned up…. in Tom & Boo’s herb pots!

i put out 4 purple podded peas to plant, about 2/3 weeks ago now, i could only find 2 when it came to planting them – i concluded Boo had been at them and they’d turn up someday, probably in the hoover so we’d not notice them.

this evening Tom came in from work and exclaimed loudly about his wonderful herb seedlings, i came rushing in to see and looked in slight confusion at 2 pea shoots growing from the basil pot…. er, basil?? are you sure!?

i think i know where the pea seeds went now. boo & tom were sowing seeds the same day i was, i think she thought she’d add a surprise into the mix

so the addendum is to where i stated Tom & Boo were growing basil &  coriander, they’re only growing one of these and i’m not sure which!


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