what’s growing so far

i thought i’d be clever and add a widget in the sidebar for all the things we’re currently growing…. it started so well, now i’m not so sure! since they updated wordpress things seem a little trickier – one being that when i open the ‘edit widget’ bit i can’t see the text, makes life a little difficult!

so what are we growing at the moment? indoors i have the second sowing of peas (green & purple) growing very nicely, they’ll need to go out this week, cauliflower, calabresse, sprouts – all from the second sowing as the first died a miserable death (no, i don’t know why but the second are doing better (66% as opposed to 0% on the first sowing!), i also planted some leeks because even though i hate them i love Tom and he doesn’t.

i also decided to plant flowers, some as companion plants to the legumes but others just because someone gave me the seeds, they may be companion plants but if they are i’m oblivious at the mo! so these flowers are: nasturtiums, marigolds (companions) and then pansies and carnations. 

Today i did my 3rd lot of successional sowing, i sowed more peas (purple & green), more leeks, more caulis, sprouts and calabresse and that was it. i think for now there’s nothing else to go in. i think i’ve probably now got plenty of peas, i have no idea how this batch of brassicas are going to go so i may be sowing more again in the next few weeks.

outside we have the onions we sowed at the beginning of the winter, the leeks that have been in since last May. we also have one row each of parmex & touchon carrots, one row each of centurion onions and garlic both sown at the same time as the carrots. i also planted out the first seedlings from the first weeks lot of sowing so in the garden i also have peas (purple & green of course)

Boo tidying up 

Tom & Boo have planted their own seeds, they have purple peppers, pimientos de padron & chilli peppers  growing on top of the wardrobe in our room. in the dining room they have coriander & basil

I almost forgot!! ready to go out in the newly glazed greenhouse (now almost fully glazed thanks to Tom getting more glass!) we have citrus lemon cucmbers, yellow grape & white wonder tomatoes and gardeners delight tomatoes, unfortunately i’m not sure we have enough pots to re-pot all of the tomatoes though, i planted 2 in each newspaper pot (not expecting too much) and all bar 2 pots have produced all!! and i have 40 pots…. so that’s 80 tomatoes (1 pot had 4 seeds apparently (maybe that’s why one pot produced nothing – it’s seeds went in a different pot!!))

right got to go, update more later, apparently Yogi’s peckish again….


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