what did we manage to get done

so this weekend we had a long list of tasks to tick off. how much of this did we manage to do?

Firstly, Saturday we did indeed manage to get to Middle Farm, Muffin’s been a few times and knew what to expect and was lookng forward to it. Boo had never been and was very happy too, she liked the chickens and the haybarn best me thinks but also moving aside the sheeps tail to investigate it’s bottom…. not a planned activity but hey she enjoyed it (and was stopped at point of moving aside tail so no one get all ‘what dya think you were doin letting her do that’ at me please! – and anyway Tom was in charge at that point), Tom’s favourite, i think, was the tractor




 it was good to check out lots of different breeds of chickens and i saw a few i liked just because they looked nice – clearly these are not the ones we will be getting, oh except i did see one that i really really liked but only because it laid blue eggs and i’m not sure i can justify £20 on one hen just because of the colour of the eggs it lays…..

after middle farm we did brave Brighton to check out mattresses in Bensons Beds and i was only slightly scared off by sales ladies  – who were probably scared off more by us en masse (well minus Noise but still fairly en masse), with Tom in clothing definitely better suited to the farm than mattress testing and Yogi who’d managed to do a poo that leaked through and was clearly visible on her white babygro…. (why do babygro’s not come in mustard yellow?? – although i think that would be dangerous as unsuspecting parents would not spot the lurid yellow poop and would cuddle littleone oblivious to the damage being wreaked upon their own clothing) . unfortunately there’s only one mattress they do that would do us and the single version is exactly the same price as the double, which means we won’t be kitting out both the beds in our room with the same mattress, which i think is a huge shame – one option of course is to try to fit 2 doubles butted up together in our room but that might be pushing the tardis aspect of our room too far.

back to the list

Tom managed to cut out the pophole (and make a door to cover it) for the chicken house, he also bought paint (fence treatment) that was safe for use on animal housing – so the girls’ll be painting that as soon as it stays nice enough for them to

we did investigate chickens but not where we said we would, that’ll have to wait until next weekend now

Rach & Tom from The Big Sofa did indeed come down, and with their very helpful help (and a little blood on their part…) the shed & the greenhouse did actually manage to get erected! we now know just how much glass is missing from the greenhouse post windy nights and we will be posting freecycle wanteds in the not too distant future! Rach, Tom & my Tom did also manage to put up fencing to keep Boo, and later Yogi, away from said greenhouse and i did indeed succeed in cooking a roast dinner for everyone (with only a little shouting at the older children….) and even managed to make choc rock cakes with Boo whilst doing so, along with feeding Yogi every hour or so!


tombootomrach.jpg Boo , muscling in on the rock cakes for the workers!!

 I also managed a walk to the farm, with both babies!! Boo on my back in our Cwtshi Evo and Yogi on my front in a Huggababy unfortunately nobody took a picture – i’d quite like to see just how strange it looked = definite wide load! Tom was concerned it’d be too much for my hips and back but the brilliant design of the evo was proven once again as apart from when Boo decided she wanted to dance i hardly noticed she was there at all!

and today i managed to get my lone strawberry plant out (bought not grown)


and i checked on the leeks planted last May, and photographed the pnions before getting on and weeding them!



and finally my recently arrived seedling 4 weeks on


and my slightly older seedling (probably now technically a plant…) hiding in the newly erected shed



One thought on “what did we manage to get done

  1. Hi Barbara,
    Wow you sound like you’ve been really busy! All I seem to do is feed BD, sleep (if he sleeps) and do washing! Luckily HWDD is very supportive and a huge help around the house, so things aren’t getting out of hand!
    Middle farm is great isn’t it! Can’t wait for a good excuse to visit soon, even if BD is asleep!
    Yogi looks very cute & content! BD is four weeks today- exactly a minute ago!

    Take care and don’t over do it! (that’s what I keep being told!)
    SWD xx

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