It’s raining again!

grr i want to get out in the garden but i can’t.

 the jobs list for this weekend is growing….

clean the greenhouse including the glass (well what glass we have left after the winds!)

erect the shed acquired from the lovely Elly and Kevin on freecycle

plant out the peas that i sowed the first week of seed sowing (they’re huge now!)


sow more seeds for my successional sowings

go investigate chickens at the farm near the garden centre

cut out the pophole and make the nest boxes for the chicken house. (we’ve missed the 1st april deadline (i know it’s not the 1st april yet but there isn’t enough time left to finish the house and get all the things we need unless we do it in a rush and i’d rather take a little more time and get everything right!))

go try out mattresses now that we have ‘cash in our pockets’ after selling the xsara yesterday!

have Rach & Tom from The Big Sofa down (hopefully) for garden productiveness and roast dinner on sunday

and i’d like to get another walk in, not quite the length of the one last Sunday but a walk nonetheless.

 However also on the list for this weekend is taking Muffin & Boo to Middle Farm the older 2 girls (Noise & Muffin) have been many a time with their dad but i never have so while Noise is off celebrating her ‘real’ dads birthday with him (1st time since 1994 they’ll have spent it together….) we’ll be investigating what’s on offer. i always expected it to be stupidly expensive but i’ve just looked and for an ‘attraction’ it seems quite reasonable if £3 a head is the true entry price (under 3’s free)…. i’ll report back once we’ve been. i’ve never been a huge fan of attending ‘attractions’ when the kids are off (weekends & school hols) so i’m a bit nervous about it but i’m sure it’ll be fine! if the girls both go back into school full time then that’ll be the only time we will be able to do anything – but that’s another story.


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