lots is happening in the garden (and the dining room)

we had a very productive weekend with Tom getting lots of bits and pieces done but also with me, yogi and boo getting lots done…

 boo helped me plant the potatoes, earlies and 9 maincrop (the maincrop had chitted themselves in storage so we thought we’d give them a try as we had room for some after sticking all the earlies in).


Boo also helped me sow the first row of carrot seeds… although when i say she helped…. it was windy, i couldn’t get my hair to stay out of my eyes, the seeds are quite small and quite light and Boo kept digging in the dirt where i had either just sowed or was about…. it was not the least stressful thing i have ever done! and of course while i was trying to battle with the wind, my hair, and the light as air seeds she managed to turn and empty the entire bag of onion sets all over the ground! she was very diligent though when it came to picking each and every one up, she also took watering the soil very seriously and i had to keep stopping her from trying to get the water from the other side of the watertrough by climbing into it…. all in all it was fun if not a little stressful, definitely beats a day indoors though. Yogi joined us there in the pram, sheltered from the wind luckily. yogis-first-working-day-on-the-land.jpgthat was friday.

saturday while boo slept yogi and i sowed seeds in 56 pots, we sowed:

more…. peas (purple & green), calabresse, brussel sprouts, cauliflower (last weeks grew but then died)

and then we sowed other stuff that i hadn’t thought about planting before

nasturtiums & marigolds (companion planting with the legumes), carnations, pansys and i think that was it


on sunday we all ventured out for one of our walks. now, i came up with the idea so the hope was it wouldn’t turn into one of our usual farces. it didn’t in fact, we had a lovely walk round abbots wood with Boo finding as many mud patches and deep puddles as she could, with her and tom playing horses with sticks and the girls off exploring and enjoying. my hips and back coped very well with the walk (we stuck to the abbots amble rather than the slightly more off-road version!) and yogi hardly stirred throughout. tom and i were waiting the whole time for something to go wrong but it didn’t. we even managed to ‘bump’ into some old friends of mine on the way home – they were walking their horses along the road and we passed them, pulled over and i jumped out – all without realising i was 3 weeks postnatal and dressed to suit that and the walk round the woods…. i did tell them we were now 6 and sarah commented that she’d thought as i leapt out that i had the ‘look of a lactating woman’!! she didn’t mention the extra stones i was carrying which was very good of her i think!

  a-walk-in-the-mud.jpg  dad-boo.jpg  this-puddles-wuite-deep-actually.jpg

sunday evening Boo and i made rice crispy cakes to take to grandmas on monday, where we met up with some of Toms friends from home, c & k bearing news of a new engagement, i & a showing off a’s 24week baby bump & J bringing news of a trip to nepal this summer. all in all a very newsy day and of course the inevitable ‘what have you called her’ upon meeting yogi! we will name her – eventually, legally we have 2 more weeks, hopefully we’ll manage to come up with something before that, if not, yogi she’ll stay for ever more – at least she won’t be able to complain about being in a group with 5 or 6 other yogi’s!

at some point in the weekend Tom relocated the greenhouse from the allotment area (which would seem the best place for it to anyone looking in) to the front garden/side of the house where it will get more sun/less shade and where the base is level hopefully making it more stable and where he’s also putting up fencing to protect the littler girls from the glass. he also added the wire mesh to the chicken house for ventilation/fox protection.


One thought on “lots is happening in the garden (and the dining room)

  1. The garden is looking amazing! Fingers crossed we’ll come and lend our collective muscle on Sunday, can’t wait to see it all in the flesh.

    Yogi is very green fingered for her age! Can’t wait to meet her too.


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