seedlings and other things

the girls have been having fun, proving that a new baby in the house isn’t necessarily going to change life…


Tom & Boo have been busy making all sorts of cookies and things


and Boo has been looking stylish, what i love is that nothing in the picture (apart from her shoes) was bought brand new, it all either came from NCT Nearly New Sales, or was given as hand me downs, including the rather fab red coat. It’s not often she does manage to look as stylish as this but at least we know she can on occasion!


i spent last sunday (not yesterday the last one (yes the one where Yogi was just 10days old..)) making newspaper pots, i adapted my previous attempt and combined it slightly with rach’s version and ended up with perfectly reasonable looking pots! i filled them with earth and actually sowed seeds in them!

          making-newspaper-pots.jpg           filled-with-earth.jpg

i managed to get in:

peas, purple podded peas, calabresse, citrus lemon cucumbers, brussel sprouts, snowball cauliflowers, white tomatoes and yellow tomatoes and even some cherry tomatoes too (gardeners delight) i’ll update the varieties of the yellow and white tomatoes when i have the chance to (i just want to get this blogged before boo stops being entertained by gluing and yogi wakes up!)

this week i have the following:


all of them seem to have come up (except the tomatoes but i’ll check them later (they’re on top of the wardrobe so i’ll have to wait for tom to check as i’m too short!!))  and now it’s time for round 2 of sowing seeds, which i’ll try to get done in a minute once i’ve done this… or maybe i’ll stick yogi in the sling while i do it? although some of the seeds are quite little and i’ll probably find them in the folds of her neck or something!!

i ought to post a pic of her (yogi) too, as the older 3 have been included – she hasn’t changed much though and she isn’t doing handstands on the sofa yet but i’m sure she’ll do something interesting before too long… actually i suppose she already is as as her poo is vegetarian poo her nappy liners get to go in the compost bin! and now she’s awake so i’ll add pic of seedlings and her  (one of my seedlings too…) later.


3 thoughts on “seedlings and other things

  1. sheryl, thank you – she normally looks a bit of a waif but we think this coat makes her look quite smart!!

    stephanie, it is indeed loo rolls cut up, first i used them to make up the newspaper rolls and then i cut up the excess rolls, biodegradable and one way to recycle! (also cheaper than buying lots of those trays with individual seed holes in them!)

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