just over one week later (posted late)

well, yogi has now been with us 8 days. she’s lovely and she’s definitely not going back!


 in terms of birth stories i’m not going to go into great detail but i will say that it was a very quick labour which it’s taken us quite a bit of talking to get our heads round. not least trying to work out just how long it was and whether the hospital had delayed sending someone out. as we’re only about 10 minutes from the hospital, they knew contractions were only 3 minutes apart when we phoned and it then took them an hour and 20minutes to get to us i had my concerns about whether they’d delayed. it turns out they had debated over whether to send anyone – i’m assuming they found my letter informing them we would sue if they didn’t and decided it was probably best to send someone…. but the delay in sending the midwife meant that Tom was unsupported and that certain elements of Yogi’s birth will upset me for a while to come, if not forever. I know lots of women pray for a quick birth but it isn’t ideal and i’d been ready for the long haul after 46 hours with Noise and 27 hours for Boo, the least i hoped for was 10 hours of labour- less than 2 from first realisation to arrival hadn’t crossed my mind. that’s it. no more about the birth (i don’t think) i could go into it in detail and i could keep dwelling on it for ever but i don’t want to. Tom and I did fantastically, we proved to each other what a good team we are, i couldn’t have done it without him (well obviously i could, she had to arrive whether i was supported or not but i think you know what i mean)

Boo is loving her baby sister.


The first night was a little hairy with Yogi crying most of it and thus waking Boo who insisted on leaping around the bed like a loon until Tom picked her up took her to her rarely slept in pint sized bed and curled himself up to get in with her… i managed to settle yogi for about a minute and a half during which time i ran in, woke him up and convinced him to come back before the wind changed and he stayed curled up for ever! She made her way back in later of course and i woke first to see all 3 sleeping peacefully around me – bliss. Other than that first night the nights haven’t been too bad except when Boo was up feeling grotty one night and while i headed off to see what i could find to make her feel better Yogi woke too and i returned to find Tom trying to settle the two of them!


 i thought i’d post this even though i wrote it a few days ago, as it gets the birth story out the way – anyone wanting more will have to email me, not sure i want to go ‘public’ on it.

other than of course updates on how things are going i now feel desperately ready to get to blogging about the garden and any learning the girls might happen to do…..

of course, photos will be added asap


3 thoughts on “just over one week later (posted late)

  1. Congratulations on your new addition – she looks lovely.

    I’m sorry to read that things weren’t quite the way you’d have liked them; it sounds as if you’ve had a real struggle with your support services, which is utterly crap, as the last thing you need is that sort of stress. Let’s hope you can put it behind you now, and get on with the business of being five where you were four previously!

  2. support services were and still are rubbish but luckily Tom is amazing. it’s fantastic being six, thoroughly enjoying it so far, even the slightly less than full nights sleep…

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