a very quick post to be updated properly later…..

Baby Yogi decided to make an appearance on Thursday 28th Feb at 2.35am, approximately 1minute after the midwfe made her way through the door…. no time for birth pool, or cake making!!

 The girls are very very pleased with their new little sister, who they met pretty much when we did. For the time being she will remain Yogi in the real world as well as online as we haven’t managed to come up with a name!

She weighed in at a very reasonable 8lb 6 1/2oz

i’ll add pics and more later, for now i just wanted to get it down!


5 thoughts on “Yogi

  1. rach – as soon as you like!! we free all this coming weekend – well we’ll be planting taters if i don’t get it done this week…

    np – not quite unassisted, labour was but mw arrived while crowning fantastic way to make an introduction….

    swd – thank you, still??? keep checking your blog but no updates yet!

    sj – very smoothly really, speed gave us a bit of a shock but actually looking back it was very natural and very smooth.

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