tom thought we all needed cheering up….

so he came up with the idea of a fancy party. not necessarily a fancy dress party or a dress fancily party, just a dinner party for the 5 of us where we could dress up in odd outfits or fancy outfits – i opted for my strange ‘found it at the scrapstore dress’ partially due to my rotundness and therefore lack of anything other than black clothesness, tom for the dj etc and the girls whatever took their fancy. He also insisted we all take on made up names, and we weren’t allowed down to dinner unless we did!

Tom asked me to prepare melon balls and veg sticks as starters and then he did a lovely roast lamb with trimmings followed by ice cream. all enjoyed the food, got into the party spirit and actually indulged in laughter and frivolity – including some dancing on my part!!! poor noise was traumatised towards the end when i decided i needed to slip into something more comfortable and tom decided it was the perfect opportunity for him to do the same…… (see final pic!)

 pics below:

 feel free to browse and laugh (although please have some sympathy for the rather round lady desperately waiting for the end to roundness….and therefore don’t laugh too loudly!!)


Muffin eating melon balls (also known as Lady Beatrice)


Noise attempting a ladylike pose (Lady Anne)


Boo trying to cram as much in as she could before anyone else got a look in! (Lady Esmerelda)


Tom, definitely not dressed for the garden – for once! (Count Olaf – also known (to Boo) as Cinderella!)


I may remove this one but thought i’d put it in for completeness… I’m not sure the rocking chair helps the situation! (Lady Hermeseta of Slimness)


The girls dancing


and finally, Tom washing up, after having slipped into something a little more comfortable….. (Lady Loretta – formerly known as Count Olaf/Cinderella)

we had a good time, thanks tom for coming up with the idea. it had the desired effect and all went to bed happy and relaxed. it’s been a tough few weeks and we’ve got a tough few weeks ahead of us so thank you honey for knowing just what was needed


4 thoughts on “tom thought we all needed cheering up….

  1. No one has ever seen me in a dress before now. That cherry has now been taken. oh dear.

    Don’t laugh too hard or too long Rach – your Tom likes that dress v muchly methinks!!

  2. This is an awesome post.
    What a grand idea Tom had..

    This is the first time I’ve been to your blog – but I’m marking it, and I’ll be back!


  3. welcome stephanie, i’ll check in at your blog in a little while.

    we had a fantastic evening (although Noise nearly died of embarassment when Tom turned up in the dress!!) i’m hoping there’ll be a few more random surprises in the not too distant future

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