what’s happening here??

well Muffin’s on half term and has taken the opportunity to be thoroughly ill. although she has also made the most of seeing friends from her old school. she spent monday in bed, tuesday at Rosie’s and then Wednesday at Katie’s so she’s happy – she slept the whole of today though!! it’s not like her to be ill really and i think i’ll take her back to the docs, she’s been on Night Nurse for over a week and even if that was on doctors orders i’m not happy about it.

Noise cycled to her friends for a sleepover Tuesday afternoon, it took her about 25minutes which was pretty good going – especially considering some daft twat made her fall off. we’re not sure how much was down to her going very slowly or what but according to her he came up close behind and then sped round and she fell off into the hedge. the ride back was less eventful and much quicker due to being mostly down hill and apart from feeling all wobbly when she got off she actually enjoyed it!

Boo has been a pickle, i’m way too large to take her to Bounce & Roll for her weekly sessions on my own and i don’t fancy trekking out there with all in tow so she’s bored. I’m also way too chunky to get in the kitchen and cook with her, in fact, i’m so large and lardy and immobile these days it’s all i can do to waddle around the house full stop without actually doing anything extra like entertaining a 2 year old. today was a low point in our week with her shouting at me and me shouting back (i know the last thing i should be doing…) until i told Noise she needed to take her out for a walk and get her to sleep – i knew she was tired but she wasn’t even happy having ‘mummy milk’! so Noise took her out for a walk, i retreated to bed and very soon heard Noise return and put her to bed too – phew relief, she then slept for a good few hours until Tom got home, got her up and made rock cakes and shortcrust pastry with her.

Tom’s coming down with the cold/cough & sore throat that Muffin’s been suffering with and Boo is coughing too. It looks as though all should be thoroughly poorly just in time for me to go into labour….. ah well, thems the breaks i guess

 anyway back to Muffin. an update on her. actually i’ll make that my next post so it doesn’t get lost in these ramblings….


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