Muffin, an update

So, apart from not being terribly well there has been lots happening in Muffin’s life.

School being the main thing. She’s loving it. She returned to school part-time/flexischooling in January and has come on wonderfully. We knew taking her out of school was the best thing for her at the time (July 2006). At the time she was fading fast. She had lost all her confidence both socially and academically. She thought she was worthless as a person and ‘thick’ (her word not mine). After spending 18months out of the system she thought she was ready to return to school… I have to admit to being terrified. Yes, we thought we’d managed to help her rebuild her confidence and self-esteem but we hadn’t had it proven. She was gettting on OK at the Home-Ed Youth Group we attended on a Friday but it’s not the same kind of setting as a primary school. Academically we knew there was lots from the ‘curriculum’ that we hadn’t covered as formal lessons weren’t a part of our lives, but we were hopeful, she’s a clever girl and other than worrying about her confidence being knocked by having ‘gaps’ we knew she’d get on and catch up.

She’s taken to school like a duck to water, she loves it and it seems to love her. She comes home every day talking non-stop about what she’s done and who she’s spent time with. There hasn’t been any signs of nastiness or bullying. She’s joined the drama club, the gym club and now the netball club. She has a list of people she spends playtime with and she’s off to the Isle of Wight in May with the whole of year 6 – and she’s looking forward to it!!

Academically she does have gaps in her maths but she’s still coming out average – joining year 6 means constant SAT revision so she’s being continually assessed and given grades (which i don’t necessarily approve of but as it happens it’s actually helping her confidence even more) and even on the things she’s doing ‘really badly at’ she finds she’s come out at a level 4 which is the average for her age – and the teachers are reassuring her and pointing out that she would have got a higher grade had she not missed out 6 questions that she hadn’t covered. Her English is her strength with her actually coming out top of the class which is really pushing up that self-esteem. It is wonderful for her, I wish she wasn’t being tested but actually she thrives on it (as i did at her age)  so in her case it’s a good thing. We’re supposed to spend Friday’s and Monday’s working on her ‘gaps’ but until the school have identified these it’s a little bit tricky and she’s actually decided that she’d like to attend school on a Monday after half term so we’ll only have Fridays. But that’s fine, Tom is off Fridays and once we’re settled with Yogi (if he ever arrives……) it should be easy enough to get down and work on things.

The recent parents evening that we attended (the children have to attend too) was another confidence booster with her teacher telling her how lovely she was and how happy she was to have in her class. She also told her that she was popular with her class mates and that the problems she had at her previous school can’t have been her fault as she is a lovely gentle girl with nothing about her to not like. It was good to hear as a parent too. We always knew she was a good girl but it’s always nice to hear it from someone else!

So I suppose that’s Muffin updated. She’s flexischooling and loving it – all we need to do now is sort out the secondary school issue for September now that we missed the admissions deadline!!


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