Bits and pieces but mainly pregnancy (of course!)

We got the car, Tom drove down Saturday and picked it up. I got to drive it for the first time properly today and apart from having a stomach slightly too large to fit comfortably behind the steering wheel it was great. I didn’t even have any trouble parking it!!

I’m getting a little tired of being pregnant now but I do realise I’m going to have to hang on until Yogi is ready to make an appearance. It’s fine, whenever will do but could we make it soon please? It’s not that I mind being pregnant as such, or that I’m desperate for 24hour feeds and all the rest of what having a baby entails but I would quite like to be able to bend again, and to roll over in the night without having to wake up fully to do it (and often wake up Tom in order to finish rolling me over…), to not have to wake for the loo and to be able to bend to put on my own socks and shoes! I think Noise may be fed up with me shouting ‘can you jsut come and get my socks on for me’ and the later ‘can you help me take them off now please’ and the swollen feet, legs and now hands and wrists are getting to me. I’d quite like to eat whatever I fancy without then having to worry about heartburn and to have enough room in my stomach to actually fit in a whole meal!

Still, it won’t be long now, even if I were to go over my dates it’s still not going to be more than about 3 weeks before we get to find out whether Yogi is a girl or a boy, whether he’s blonde, brunette or ginger, whether he’s a huge chunker as Boo was at birth (although not quite the chunker Stoneheads second was!!) or whether he’s a tiny like Muffin. All will eventually be revealed and I’m looking forward to announcing the news.

I’ve had a productive week what with making the curtains and trying out the birth pool (which was lovely i have to say) and getting the car but also I think we’re ready for the baby. we have clothes washed, equipment and the like cleaned, and today i crocheted some embroidery thread to tie the baby’s cord with when he’s born. we decided a while ago that we don’t want the great big plastic freezer bag clamps used on this little one, i hated them with each of the girls, and so we started looking for alternatives. you can buy sterile ‘cord tape’ from ethicon in the states but shipping and minimum quantity made it a bit expensive really so i checked out the info from the ladies on the homebirth yahoo group and many suggested using embroidery thread. so off i went and bought some. then i tried braiding it as suggested but wasn’t happy with the result, although happier than with the big clamps. late last night on my way up the stairs i spotted a crochet hook (i don’t know what it was doing on the stairs, i haven’t used that particular crochet hook in rather a long time…) so i stopped, picked it up and carried on up the stairs. for some rather unknown reason i remembered i had some blue wool and decided to crochet with it (i should’ve been sleeping by this point…) and thought ‘eureka, perfect, exactly what i was looking for’ and so it was, transferred to 100% cotton embroidery thread and a much much smaller crochet hook and it was indeed exactly what i was looking for. so this afternoon i hunted out my stainless steel size 2 (i think) crochet hook and i crocheted several 6/7 inch lengths of chain and voila i now have my very own cord tape. i did some in white, some in blue, some in lemon and one in lemon, white and lilac…. we can now decide on the day which one to use. and to sterilise all we have to do is put on a pan of water and leave it to boil for 10minutes, perfect. we’ve even packed an ‘immediately after birth bag’ which contains the essentials we’ll need whether we are at home or indeed have to transfer at the last minute. so all is ready, all i need now are some serious contractions and we’ll almost be there!


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