the state i’m in

today, babs is shaking her head. today babs has used the name ‘babs’ for the first (and hopefully the last) time ever. babs isn’t sure why she’s shaking her head but there are a number of things that could have caused this.

 it could be:

bastard car sales men

rach’s post (although lord only knows why this would cause it – but this is when it started)

it could be the intermittent but painful contractions that suggest that labour could be on the horizon somewhere but babs suspects not for at least another week or two…..

it could be the complete and utter hopelessness of one of her daughters

or it could just be the end of a long and tiring few weeks of stress that had an innocent poem triggering an odd reaction

 whatever it is babs does not feel a happy bunny, just a very tired and emotional one and now she has to take the girls to dance

but tonight she gets to paint pottery, which although will cost money will at least allow a modicum of relaxation, and at least someone else will do the driving


One thought on “the state i’m in

  1. Poor babs. Don’t be sad. I’m sorry the poem brought it all on as well, and such a stupid poem at that! Hope you feel better soon – think of the exciting birthing pool! xxx

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