sorry it’s turning into a pregnancy blog…..

but hopefully not for too much longer!!!

 well, the birth pool arrived, so i’m a much happier, much more relaxed bunny than i was yesterday. especially as i waited in ALL day for the pool and then decided to check the parcel force tracking system and discovered that at almost that precise moment the driver was logging that an ‘attempted delivery’ had just been made???? attempted delivery where? To tried phoning to see what was happening and nothing, couldn’t get any sense out of anyone so i went to bed in a strop/sulk/not really sure what but it definitely involved tears. i had been so excited and so relieved that finally i was going to be able to relax and allow labour to happen whenever that to find i was going to have to wait to relax for at least another night was too much.

 it’s here now though so i can relax, i know Yogi has no intention of arriving just yet but at least it’s ok if he/she does.


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