things are progressing nicely

yay, we ordered the birth pool! in theory it should arrive today. i’m sat here eagerly awaiting it now. it probably won’t be arriving until tomorrow of course but we did order next day on friday and we did get confirmation it had been despatched so fingers crossed!

 we also drove to southampton yesterday, not just for the hell of it of course, we bought a car!! Tom is now a very happy chappy – i’m still debating the whole environment thing but we have discussed the issue and once the weather is good enough and Yogi allows Tom a reasonable amount of sleep he will be cycling and i’ll probably drive the micra mostly thus minimising the impact of our 7 seater. So, here it is!


it’s nice, felt a little like test driving a bus maybe, Boo seemed very far away in the back but it did feel safe and solid.

now i just need to write to the Head of Midwifery about the letter i received from the SOM warning me about my need to go into hospital should there be midwife shortages……

then Tom needs to peruse the homebirth list from the meddlewives and we’ll be organised.

 oh, did i mention the tellyless thing isn’t going terribly well this week….. i’m so tired Boo is exhausting and so we keep resorting to telly. it’d be fine if either muffin or noise were up for entertaining but muffin is either at school (and loving it dearly) or coughing so hard she’s not fit for anything, noise on the other hand is being (i think) completely useless… she has a love interest at her youth group and it seems she can only think of one thing at a time…. no studies, no helping out, no real communication – ah well, maybe i’ll have some energy soon and maybe muffin will be better soon and maybe, just maybe noise will snap out of it!


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