midwife is lovely

so, the lovely midwife we met at the Homebirth Group last Saturday did my antenatal check up today and all is well. Yogi’s heart rate is great (are you listenening Boo), he/she’s nicely head down in a lovely position and growth seems fine.

 although i know i could’ve managed without any further antenatal appointments i have to admit to being reassured, reassured that Yogi hasn’t turned Breech, that his heart rate is normal and that there is no suspicion that he’s either huge or tiny (not that i have huge amounts of faith in ‘growth estimates’ it all just makes me feel that much more comfortable with my decision to birth this baby at home.

 So, thank you very much S for making me feel so much better, not just in terms of check up but also in your positive attitude to my decision and in your reassurance that whoever does come out to deliver Yogi will be fully aware of my decision, fully aware of my situation and fully happy to be there. Thank you for giving me back the chance to feel great about this.


3 thoughts on “midwife is lovely

  1. When the Other Half was pregnant with number two, she was assured that he was neither too big nor too small. He was 11lb 9oz with a 41cm head and was too long for the crib.

    I remember an Irish midwife who was assisting saying, “Jesus Christ, will you look at the size of him!”

    I hope yours is easier.

  2. flippin heck so do i! last one was 8lb 12oz so i’m figuring on around 9 1/2 this time first too were 7lb 6 and 6lb 12 in that order so the 8lb 12 was enough of a suprise.

    midwife won’t be only one exclaiming if i produce a largeun!

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