today at home we did….


i wanted to paint some eggs for our NCT branch newsletter so i thought it best to get Boo doing something too….

it started with her simply painting and then became hand painting (unsurprisingly!)



my eggs turned out ok too….


in order to paint the eggs i had to empty them first, so although it’s a day late we did this…..


and as a result Boo did this


and she thought they were delicious, her preferred option was plain, no lemon and sugar for her, just plain, warm from the frying pan pancakes!


that’s it for today so far, did try to get my friend T to go to the local painting pottery cafe this eve but her hubby won’t be in early enough, unlike mine who has just walked through the door so i better leave now….

p.s. Rach, he doesn’t seem to have an anglepoise lamp with him but you’re right I’m sure we’ll manage anyway!!


2 thoughts on “today at home we did….

  1. Ha ha! Glad to see you’re keeping the pancake dream alive, so few people seem to make them now, but they’re soooo nice! I like mine with lemon and sugar and every year I make a pact with myself to make them more often. They’re too good for just once a year. Loving the eggs by the way, so cute!

  2. my dad used to make stacks and stacks of them, literally a huge pancake mountain and they are soooo easy to do it seems silly to not be bothered!

    in spain they eat them at christmas too and they shove loads of savoury things in them – it always seemed wrong to me and luckily my parents tended to stick with lemon & sugar ones!

    we tried Boo on the lemon and sugar version later and she wasn’t even remotely interested – except in squeezing the lemon and seeing how far she could spread the sugar…. which was surprisingly far and you wouldn’t believe how well sugar & lemon work as a cement….

    i’m thinking i might make more today – although we only have 2 eggs left so i might have to go buy some more! can’t wait for chickens best use of eggs i can think of at the moment!

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