pregnancy update

so, we’re either 36 weeks or 37 weeks now depending on who you fancy listening to!

 i now realise that this birth is going to happen in the not quite so distant future…… it might be time to get prepared!

we have been loaned a Birth Pool In A Box but we’re not sure we’re going to be able to use it due to the age of our cottage*….so we’re looking at buying a La Bassine instead,


which is smaller – and to me seems more intimate. The decision has been made but being us we still haven’t actually done the deed and ordered it! We must be the worlds most amazing procrastinators

we still need to get a fleece for the baby to sleep on

the midwives have given us a list of items required for a home birth…. anyone have an ‘anglepoise lamp’ they want to lend us?? but Tom hasn’t even looked at the list and I’ve read it and put it away!

 we’re going to be a very environmentally unfriendly family if we don’t get our bums in gear as 2 parents plus 4 children do not fit in either a citroen xsara OR a nissan micra so it’s going to mean both cars should we decide we actually want to spend any time out in public together…. luckily we don’t all like each other so we’ll just go out in one car**

the dining room still needs a major clear out in order to accommodate any birth pool we get and the nesting instinct just aint kicking in…. knowing me it’ll get round to it once i’m in labour and i can’t physically do anything about it!

in terms of unpreparedness i think that’s it…. the good news is, i’m here, tom will be here, the girls will or won’t be here depending on what they fancy at the time. i have milk (courtesy of mother nature of course), there are nappies and the house is warm so whatever happens we are in actual fact ready. milk and somewhere warm to sleep are all that are really required at the end of the day, anything else is possibly nice but not essential.

on a much less pleasant note (in my opinion), we had a meeting with 2 Supervisors of Midwives (SOM) on Friday and although Tom thinks it went very well I’m not quite so satisfied and have drafted a letter to the Head Of Midwives (HOM) this morning. I am, as a result of our meeting, assured that a midwife will come out (providing there are no staff shortages***) but I am not reassured that I will have any form of emotional support from them. It seems to me that all the necessary bits will be taken care of but it does not feel as though there will be any encouragement. Of course, it will depend on the midwives that attend but it would’ve been nice to feel that there was a level of emotional support from the 2 SOM rather than it feeling as though duty will be done as i have a right to birth my baby whereever i choose. One crappy outcome of the meeting is that if i want antenatal care i am supposed to see my GP….. I opted out of GP care for antenatal appointments for a reason!

On a slightly more positive note we finally made it to the Lewes Home Birth Group, which is held on the first Saturday of the month – let me know if you’re interested and I’ll pass details on! It was a lovely meeting (more an informalish gathering) attended by 2 lovely inspiring midwives one of whom, has offered me an antenatal appointment this week as both were horrified at the idea of leaving antenatal care to a GP who sees very few pregnant women each month let alone each week! As i had previously pointed out to the SOM’s who visited, why would you want to risk a surprise Breech presentation on the day when a midwife could forewarn (usually)?? not that i’d necessarily be doing anything different should Yogi be presenting bum first! although i might make a note to the HOM about ensuring the midwife who attends me is competent and confident in Breech birth.

so that’s my round up, apart from a horrid day of painful Braxon Hicks contractions yesterday – ah well, not long to go now! maybe if i get out and do some digging things will get moving sooner rather than later, but not today, today Tom is working in London, I’d rather he was closer to home when it all started! Oh, and he’s out on a jolly tomorrow night so he’d rather I hung on until after that, and to be honest I’d rather wait until the pool arrives****!

* old and possibly rickety floorboards, R says joists look fine but i’m still worried and the regular size BPIAB weighs about 730 – 770kg once filled and with mum in place!! Whereas the La Bassine weighs 400 – 450kg, quite a bit less

** we do like each other really i was ‘just joking’ – one of Boo’s new sayings!

*** of course NHS staff shortages are not my concern and they will provide a midwife whether they have to call someone in or not…. as backed up by AIMS and stated in my letter to the HOM

**** which i suppose means we need to order it really


One thought on “pregnancy update

  1. The big day approaches! Good work kicking the midwives into shape, I hope they send you somebody brilliant on the day. Have offered Tom an angle poise lamp if he can meet me to pick it up as he’s in London today, dunno if he’ll take me up on it though!! I’m sure it’s not that essential. So long as you have the birthing pool and willing volunteer/s you’ll be fine. So exciting. xxx

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