update on yesterdays post – seed pots and bird cakes

well, all I’ll say is I’ll be following rach’s directions in the not too distant future with regards newspaper seed pots…..

 and on the other – the birds are loving the bird cakes. they’ve been out there devouring them, now all i need is a bird book that actually allows me to identify what’s eating in my garden! there is such a huge variety out there and one in particular that i cannot identify. he has the colouring of a red-backed shrike (according to my bird book…) on his back, but his bottom end is that of a Jay – white rump and black tail, he’s also about the size of a Jay but so much darker than a Jay. He’s beautiful, I just want to know what he is. I keep hoping I’ll be able to get a picture and then I’ll be able to post it and hopefully someone will go ‘oh that’s easy that’s a….’ but so far no luck.


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