what a week it’s been home birth update

well, the complete crapness of the local maternity services has led to a fairly unhappy week. waiting for phone calls/letters from the Supervisor of Midwives to confirm that she will put support in place for my home birth, deal with the unprofessional conduct of midwives 1 & 2 etc. finally, after hand delivering my letter containing my statement of intent to deliver Yogi at home and my complaint against midwives 1&2 on thursday 17th jan, i received a reply on friday 25th jan – not quite within the 3 days i asked and not a satisfactory response but a response nontheless….

complaint against midwife number 1 seems to have been duly noted but complaint against midwife number 2 has been completely overlooked. luckily (sort of) SOM then phoned in the evening and had the pleasure of speaking to Tom about the situation. Unfortuately no resolution but she was going to speak to mw2 and get back to us. Saturday, she got back to us, still seems to be completely unaware of complaint against mw2 so Tom mentioned that if anything she was worse than mw1! again though, still no resolution. she said she’d make an appointment in a couple of weeks to come out and see us but i wouldn’t accept that as i have no midwife care in the meantime and we want written confirmation that support is in place sooner than that. so, apparently she’s writing to confirm that support is in place (whether it is friendly, truly supportive support or not is another matter of course) but i still have no antenatal care and no named midwife. i’m now 35 weeks, it’s feeling all a little bit late but the fact is i will be having a homebirth, I will not be attended by either mw1 or mw2 and i will refuse care from anyone who arrives and is at all hostile or unsupportive. all in all no resolution, i spent the day yesterday crying and generally feeling incredibly miserable about it but no less determined to have Yogi at home. On another blog someone commented about not winning any medals for bravery in the delivery room etc but it’s not about that, it’s about comfort levels and risk assessment. Yogi and i are safer at home in a relaxed environment with one-to-one miwifery care where there is no danger of unecessary intervention rather than on a busy labour ward where one midwife might be caring for 3 or 4 women and insisting that we be continuously monitored as a result.

anyway, rant over. I’m not budging (unless of course a medical situation arises that requires intervention or assistance) so no more should need to be said on the matter. i will of course say more as no doubt over the next few weeks they’re going to wind me up more and more but for now i found a release for all the tension – the garden


3 thoughts on “what a week it’s been home birth update

  1. Good for you on holding on to your plans! Make decisions on facts not fears. Hope you have a supportive midwife. Actually, I hope you go so fast that the midwife doesn’ even get there in time!! 🙂


  2. thanks for reading and for being supportive

    unfortunately at the moment Kathy i don’t have a midwife at all as the 2 assigned aren’t supportive and the trust aren’t very forthcoming on another! i’m hoping it’ll all happen before they arrive too, Tom is prepared to ‘catch’!

  3. You tell ’em! Sounds like they are being thoroughly rubbish. I hope they get their acts together soon, not long to go now! Good luck xx

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