The garden – progress and happiness

Well, i have spent the week trying to avoid worrying about my homebirth situation and as a result have the four current allotment beds plus 2 out of the 3 raised beds planned!

 moving along from what was grown last year i’ve happily rotated (hopefully in the right order…) and have caused Tom to get his butt out in the garden and do some more digging…. i now have nicely planned beds, Tom needs to double dig the potato bed as the girls used it last year for odds and ends so it wasn’t properly dug, a little extension was required on the other 3 but now they are all almost ready – and it’s not time to start planting yet!

Tom has almost sorted the 3 raised beds, as in he’s planned them out and got hold of some well rotted manure to increase the soil quantity as well as blagging a whole pile of wood of freecycle to make them out of! just waiting for michael to come down with a truck load of mushroom compost and then there be soil aplenty for my beds.

Chicken house is designed, and courtesy of the wood mentioned above all that needs doing now is putting it together.

My non-functioning day yesterday turned out to be quite productive in the end, in order to get rid of some of my frustration i decided to go get some digging done. it worked, i didn’t manage much, being 35 weeks pregnant made it a little hard, especially when coupled with a wonderful cold i’ve managed to acquire! but it did kick start my enthusiasm.

today has been spent out in the garden mostly, after seeing the progress Tom has made in the garden (after dark he moved the partial chicken house out of the way and put up the edges (more or less) of the raised beds i felt the need to rest in the hammock – initially watching Tom & Boo getting stuff done.


while laying there i saw various birds flying between the willow tree and the bird table.

 robin1.jpg   robin2.jpg   tit-in-tree.jpg

now, i have a real thing for sunflower seeds – not quite the manic craving i had when expecting Boo but still quite intense, why am i telling you this you wonder? because Tom is a darling, he is a lovely love and when he went shopping last he bought me 4 packets. unfortunately, in spite of being ‘100% natural, organic sunflower seeds ideal for sprinkling on breakfasts and salads’ they are rank…. so, i thought waste not i’ll turn them into bird cakes, we have a bag of mixed bird seed in the cupboard so i thought i’d bulk it out with the sunflower seeds and help the birds. so that’s what we did, i melted some lard, Boo mixed the seeds in and they’re currently setting in the fridge once they’re done we’ll see whether the birds are less picky than i am!


i then felt inspired to prepare newspaper seed pots – only i couldn’t quite remember how Rach made them and had a vague recolection of doing something similar in primary school so i made it up as i went along….. once they’re dry i’ll know whether i need to now do it rach’s way or whether mine will do!


Boo is almost asleep, as soon as she is i’ll head back out and get on with more, i’m feeling very outdoorsy – no sign of the indoor nesting instinct just yet, just an outdoor gardening type craving


2 thoughts on “The garden – progress and happiness

  1. Loving the bird cakes! Might make some of those for our garden, does it have to be lard? Don’t think I have any, but it’s probably not going to work with Flora is it?!

  2. not sure about with Flora…. maybe with pure vegetable fat or something similar but i wouldn’t try the Flora! apparently they like suet too, you can stuff into bark or pine cones and that kind of thing and hang it out.

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