curtains at last

finally i got round to doing the curtains. Thank you so much to Claire who passed these on to me once she no longer had a use for them.  in case you don’t know our old cottage lets more ‘the wind’ in than a ‘draft’….

so, claire passed on her curtains, i decided to swap the tabtops for header tape on the basis that they’d be closer to the ceiling and hopefully let less draft in that way…. so job number one was tabtop removal. once done heaser tape went on


 then came the hemming


and finally, they’re up! No more draft from the window, plenty of draft coming from lots of other places but at least that’s one source eliminated, and it only cost me the price of the header tape which was 50p a metre so a rather reasonably priced pair of curtains me thinks


a huge thank you to Claire for passing them on and to my mother-in-law for the long term loan of her slightly old, spare  sewing machine, without which most of my remakes would not be possible (well, they’d be an awful lot more time consuming and possibly a little less durable….)


one more job out of the way before Yogi arrives, still lots more to get done but i’m sure there’s plenty of time….


One thought on “curtains at last

  1. Wow – good job! I am scared of curtain related sewing, all seems far too complicated. The ones in our room are too long, we got as far as slicing the bottoms off, but I haven’t managed to take the hems up nicely yet – how do you make them straight?! Perhaps a set square is needed. Must do it! Thanks for the inspiration.

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