veg prep

managed to get out and buy seeds the other weekend, while doing so Tom spotted the ideal birthday present for Boo from one of his friends, so he took a photo and sent it. Paul promptly replied that we were to get it and he’d transfer the money later on.


 so, present bought we proceeded with the seed buying and even got round to getting our seed potatoes. we bought a variety, some earlies, some maincrop and some salad. we’ve got them all labelled etc so hopefully we’ll be able to work out which grow well for us, which we prefer etc and then be a little more selective next year. or maybe we won’t really like any of them and so we’ll repeat the process next year with a different selection!

the earlies are busy being chitted,


i need to remember to look up how long roughly the shoots need to be although we’re not going to be planting just yet so even if they were ready tomorrow we wouldn’t be. i’ve planned the beds for this year but now have the added complication (i don’t mean complication really – just that i now need to consider) of the rasied beds Tom is planning and has begun! we have some round carrots so they should be able to go in there and i hadn’t quite worked out where my squashes were going or the celeriac or celery so maybe this year they’ll be miscellaneous beds and i’ll think it through more thoroughly next year when my baby brain has recovered a little (if it ever recovers that is!)


 Boo and Tom planted some tomato seeds and although the photo is dreadfully unclear you might just be able to see that 2 seedlings have broken through!


and Tom also spread some mushroom spores on some compost in a cardboard box so we’ll see how they go. we have more so we can do lots of sowings this year, which is great because mushrooms aren’t going to be included in our veg box anymore as apparently they are too expensive.

so, that’s our current veggie antics, i have been researching and designing the chicken house and i have most of the plans done. my biggest issue is my reluctance to give our chickens so little space. the recommendations all look way too small. the house that we have does give them more room than everywhere states especially as we’re only planning a maximum of 3 chickens for now, we will be expanding later but hope to be able to get a shed in order to do that, or even better a defunct wendy house which will look prettier – prettiness isn’t really that important so long as the chickens are comfortable and safe but it would be nice if i could combine the 2, practicality and prettiness!!


One thought on “veg prep

  1. Hello!

    Good work on the potatoes, I think the sprouts need to be about 5cm long when you plant them. Mine have got to about 3mm at the moment, so there’s a little while to go yet! I only bought main crop potatoes, but think perhaps I should have got salad ones as well. Problem is I don’t have too much space, so perhaps I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now.

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