of course it’s not just chickens

so, after thinking so much this past week about the plight of the chicken i couldn’t help but wonder about the rest of the meat we (as a nation) buy.

how are pigs farmed in order to produce meat at such ridiculously low prices, and how about ‘right price’ mince and the like?

i did a google search and came up with a few sites but i don’t know how current they are. i’m concerned. i think more needs to be made about the plight of the pigs. i’m not so worried about the cows, i think they are at least kept outdoors – although i do worry about growth hormones and the like. but i worry about the pigs. i’m sure i’ve seen them kept in pig sized pens (as in only as big as the pig), rows and rows of them.

the more i think about what we eat as a nation the more i worry. it’s fine changing our own eating habits but how do we change the habits of a nation? i guess the only way is to stop the supply. if we don’t produce cutprice meat people can’t buy it. but all the time we continue to buy production will continue.

ok, it’s nearly 4am so i need to stop. i will continue this another time but for now i’m hoping i’ll be able to sleep. managed to get some stuff off my chest so fingers crossed XX


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