photo update as promised

as promised photos from earlier posts

 the planting of the Christmas Tree

 the-newly-removed-xmas-tree.jpg  diggin-the-hole.jpg  diggin-the-hole2.jpg  tree-in-place.jpg  an-idea-of-size.jpg

 tom & the girls playing in the garden



 i also wanted to blog our view, i discussed it earlier and how it’s one of the most amazing things about living here, so here it is, from the upstairs windows.


this is the first view you see when you look out our main window, and then if you turn your head to the right you see this



we then have a smaller window and this is what we see, this morning out of this one Tom & Boo saw ducks in the pond and the owl swooping over the field.


this is Boo’s view


and finally the girls view, sometimes next doors horses are in this field, well actually they always are but it’s sectioned into 4 in order to stop them getting too fat from too much grazing or something so at the moment they’re in the top half of the field and so not immediately visible when the girls look out the window. they have another smaller window with a view over the pond and the sheep field but there’s so much ‘stuff’ in front of it i couldn’t get to it and i suppose if I can’t they can’t and so it doesn’t count as a view!!

not a terribly interesting post today, just wanted to catch up with some missing photos.

one last one – a rather scary fairy….


i had to take this one, it made me laugh!!


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