veg plans & other plans too

So, I mentioned I was planning some veg….

 I fancy:

Carrots, parsnips, a few swede and potatoes, earlies and maincrop and maybe salad too.

Cauliflower (if i can stop Tom from killing them…), calabresse, white cabbage, a few red cabbage and sprouts

peas, dwarf french beans

tomatoes, cucumber and possibly celery although i think celery might be more trouble than i can be bothered with (new baby & 2 yr old might keep me busy…) and some lettucy type leaves

then some slightly random veg that i hadn’t considered growing before but now really really want fresh from the garden on a regular basis….

celeriac, butternut squash (and i’ll try some other squashes too i think), and sweet potato. i think that’s it for now although i’m sure i heard tom mention some horrid disgusting veg that i can’t stand but i’ve blanked it from my mind and as i plan to do the seed ordering he might not notice…..

as soon as i can work out where it is i’ve ordered a catalogue from i’ll post it on here, and i might add pics of the rather interesting cucumber i want to grow, i can’t remember what it’s called but it’s white and round and sort of apple sized….. looks delicious.

If we do decide to stay here long term then i’ll have to think about apples and plums and of course the wonderful asparagus.

The other thing i’m planning is the number of chickens we’re going to get and what we’re going to put them in. I’m hoping we’ll be able to acquire a shed off Freecycle (TM) and renovate and adapt it for chickens. I quite like the idea of keeping a few layers and a few breeders so that we can have a regular supply of meat. I won’t be like my parents and allow the children to name the chickens that are destined only for the pot so i can’t be accused of total heartlessness. It just seems to me to be the right thing to do. I will know where my food has come from. Fortunatley for me I come from a village in Spain where the majority still own livestock of one sort or another for food. Ok, I’m not going to head down the keep and kill my own pigs and lambs road just yet (although i realise i’d have to send them off for slaughter anyway) but i do think that if we’re going to stop worrying so much about where our food comes from, how it’s been treated prior to landing on the shelves and how this is sustainable then it’s something we need to consider, even on the tiny scale of just keeping and eating our own chickens. we are lucky enough to live adjoined to a farm from which we can buy lamb we’ve watched born and raised so we could in theory buy a whole lamb every so often and make the best use of the whole thing. that way we have quality chicken and lamb and we’d be happy and confident knowing where it came from and certainly cutting down on the food miles.

all of the above, coupled with collecting fallen wood and recycling what we can, getting what we can’t either on Freecycle (TM) or from our local scrapstore should, will with any luck also help us to cut our bills and then with any luck Tom will feel less pressure to earn more to sustain our ever growing brood.


3 thoughts on “veg plans & other plans too

  1. Your plans sound fab – very exciting news about the rotavator! I’m wondering whether I can plant potatoes in a pot / bucket or something, to increase my growing space. Must investigate…

  2. thanks rach

    try this

    looks very cool. a cheaper alternative is car tyres, i saw it on a programme when i was expecting muffin so about 11 years ago but i can’t remember the finer details, something about planting in a couple of tyres and then adding more and more as you ‘earth up’ and then by the end you have a stack of 6 or so tyres and when you start taking them off you find lots of potatoes!

  3. Ooh – genius. Thanks for the link, that looks great. Tyres sound fun too, I wonder if Him Indoors would mind if I borrow the ones off the car…

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