the telly thing continued

it’s been a while since i mentioned the lesstelly/tellyless experiment.

 that’s because it’s going so well i forget that we once relied on it!! not that we relied on it but that we overused it and poor Boo was turning into a Zombie.

We don’t generally open the cupboard that it’s kept in. It tends to stay locked. Most days it doesn’t go on at all but every so often we open it and Boo watches an episode of In the Night Garden, or Noddy or something else fairly harmless. Tom and I watch CSI still and a couple of other late night things but certainly in the day time it doesn’t go on. The girls ask to watch DVD’s from time to time and I don’t think there’s any harm in it. It’s not like they don’t go outside or do anything else. In fact earlier I was watching the 3 girls together swinging in the hammock, then playing on the swing, then tackling Tom to the floor. Other days they read, go for walks, bake cakes, paint, draw, do collages or do something obviously educational like Maths or for Noise,  Media studies or something along those lines. So, I’m not worried they’ve been long term damaged by their telly consumption but I don’t ever want to catch them vegged out in front of it on a regular basis again. I won’t say i don’t want them to veg ever again as there are times when I think they need to just do that. Just sit and watch mindless crap without any further thought.

so, in summary, the experiment has been a success. In fact it is no longer an experiment but our normal way of life. It’s something we don’t do, we don’t get up and put the telly on, we don’t get in from somewhere or other and put the telly on. It’s there, we know it’s there but we don’t need it.

I’ve just asked Muffin how she feels about not watching telly and she says, “fine, I don’t need it, I don’t miss it although it’d be nice to find out when some of the interior design shows are on and watch them.” I’m sure we could explore that possibility, although as we don’t have SKY, only freeview i’m not sure how successful we’ll be. maybe i’ll explore the library’s DVD collection and see if they have anything for her. In fact, that’s where we going now so I’d better get a move on and close this!!

I will add some pics to some of todays posts, it’s all a bit wordy otherwise but i need to find the card to download to Tom’s laptop (due to the temporary demise of mine)


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