Long term plans & peaceful views

Tom & the girls planted out the Christmas Tree today. I hope it surevives for next year.

 I’m currently planning veg seed purchases and have ordered a seed catalogue from somewhere. I can’t tell you where or link to it as it’s on my favourites…. and they of course are on my laptop – my laptop which has reached the point of no recharge. it’s going back this week, Tom has the packaging down, now i just need to send it.

I’m still umming and ahhing about certain things. I love this house, and I love our garden, and I love our veggie area BUT it’s not ours, it is rented, and it is in the middle of nowhere in terms of most things.

I don’t mind being in the middle of nowhwere, in fact I’m sat on my bed looking out at fields and hills and trees and sheep at the moment, there is nothing else to see in this direction, no houses, no roads, no anything and I love it. When i wake just as the sun is rising i can sit looking for ages, I am comforted in my sleeplessness by the countryside surrounding me, I love that owls visit our garden, that so many birds come every day, that we have ducks and moorhen in the pond beside our garden and that the pond is only mandmade in that the sandstone was removed a couple of hundred years ago to make the house i’m currently sitting in. I even love the moles (but only because they haven’t reached the veggie patch!).

What I don’t love is that already I cannot go out for proper walks. Boo is too heavy for my pregnant self to carry in our MeiTai (too much pressure on Yogi) and I don’t have another sling i can try yet, and there is no where to walk with the pushchair so it means very slow 2yrold pace meanders across the field or a drive somewhere or other. which still has it’s issues as the puchchair is getting too heavy to lift in and out of the car so it’s slow 2yrold pace meanders wherever i go. It would be nice to be able to walk from our house to somewhere. In the next couple of months there’s going to be another bod to carry around so walks here are going to be even harder for a while.

My other issue is long term veg/fruit plans. I want a couple of apple trees, and I have room for them, I want to plant asparagus because Tom likes it (I don’t but I must love him I bought him DieHard4.0 for Christmas!!) I’d like a plum tree but all of these require time to grow. What if we’re not here in 3 years, or 5 years, how easily will I give up my trees?

 On the other hand do we really need to move? We have 3 bedrooms and so far only girls, even if Yogi does turn out to be a boy he can share with Boo for a good while yet, by which time the girls may be off experiencing the delights of university. Obviously it’d be nice to always keep their room available for them but it might not be entirely possible unless we win the lottery! So, do we sit and make a 10 year plan? I’m not too worried about having to move as our landlord likes long term lets, the longer a tenant stays the more guaranteed his rent is and the less work he has to do so unless we suddenly start creating havoc he’s unlikely to ask us to leave…..

So, that’s a thought for me a Tom, what do we really want long term and would it be the end of the world if we just stayed here.


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