ok, so still playing catch up – Boo’s birthday

well, my laptop cable is really struggling now so my postings are going to be infrequent for a while. good news is though that we’ve checked the warranty and it’s all covered, we just need to package it up and send it off – hopefully not for too long but it will mean i’ll be laptopless and have to rely on Tom’s which is fine but i prefer to have all my pics on this one. although we do have our ‘icy box’ – our external harddrive which is where all my old pics are from when my original laptop died.

enough of laptop issues!


Boo’s actual birthday (Christmas Eve) and Christmas have now been and gone and overall they were a success. Boo was over the moon with her toota (cooker to those not quite in tune with her!)

the-completed-cooker.jpg top courtesy of ELC, oven made lovingly by Tom, assisted by R and partially painted by yours truly.

birthday-smiles.jpg this is how much she loves it!

She loved her dolls, Peggy made entirely by Noise (on the right in the pic) and Annie-Rose (on the left of course) designed and project managed by Muffin with clothes design, facial features and hair by her also (ie I did the stitching (they were tiny stitches and she is only 11 and not a practised seamstress))


of course Grandma, aunty H and cousin R came over to help celebrate and to bring more presents which she also loved, oven gloves and an apron from H & R and wooden food from Grandma.


and as it was her actual birthday she couldn’t miss out on a cake, it took a while to decide what to do and then although we knew what it was we weren’t convinced she would – but she did!!

sheep-cake.jpg can you guess?

 sheep-cake2.jpg is that a better angle? No? Ah well, I tried – it’s a ‘baa baa black sheep’ – admittedly not really black and a little unsheeplike in appearance but she guessed, and she was the intended audience so I succeeded, next year I’ll do a hot air balloon, she likes them and i think it might be easier!!

once they’d gone and we’d had our dinner (Boo’s favourite Pasta with Pesto, pine nuts and grated parmesan) it was time for Christmas to begin.


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