So, still catching up!

I finished Grandma’s cushion cover


which matches perfectly with her lounge. Father Christmas came


and delivered lots of lovely presents so clearly we’d all been very good this year!


I got my apron, my jars and my knitting bag that I’d asked for, Tom on the other hand had real trouble working out just what it was he’d got from his mum….


it wasn’t until it was fully unwrapped that he could see clearly that it was a….. bottle of wine??? No silly, a spade of course!!

We had a great day, managed a short walk out to the den the girls had made earlier in the Autumn, ate a lovely Turkey dinner cooked entirely by Tom (it became his job Christmas day 2005 when I was sleeping off Boo’s birth on Christmas Eve) and even managed a few board games in the evening once Boo had gone off to bed.

Overall it was a lovely day, we had a couple of hiccups due to some bitter disappointment on Muffin’s part due to the total unsuitability of some of the gifts given to her by her dad – yes we’ve had the ‘you should be grateful for anything you get’ but; you expect your dad to know you’re not really into music so a CD is unlikely to go down at all well and that actually you’re 11 now and a pretty talented artist/crafter so a paper weaving kit aimed at 7 – 10 year olds is probably a bit below your abilities and also it’s complete plastic tat and most definitely wasn’t on your really rather modest Christmas list anyway…. (sorry had to let that out!).

So, that’s it. Christmas 2007 is pretty much over, we’ve even done the Boxing Day walk and the post Christmas trip up to Grandmas. All that’s left now is New Year and some resolutions that are bound to not be fulfilled – although you never know, maybe this year will be the year some of them will….


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