all caught up

so, i’m all caught up and am now officially allowed to post current goings on.

Noise has seen her dad again, they’re both really happy. I’ve had the serious talk with him about taking things easy and considering everyone elses feelings. we’ll have to see how it goes but for now it’s a positive thing.

I’ve had a big talk with Muffin’s dad about the Christmas present issue, but pointing out it’s not a lack of gratitude just a huge realisation that her dad doesn’t actually know her at all in spite of taking her out pretty much every 3 weeks for the last 4 years….. hopefully that’s going to help, we also decided that the girls will stay over with him & his wife on every other visit – we’ll have to see how that goes. it should go some way towards him actually getting to know them but we’ll see, maybe they’ll just discover that actually what they know already is the real him and he isn’t more interesting/interested than they thought.

Boo keeps trying to not wear a nappy, in that she half thinks she might want to be potty trained but then isn’t convinced and needs it back on in order to do anything rather than use the potty.

I’m tired, I’m not sleeping – Yogi is making sleep incredibly difficult. I’m slightly stressed about my midwifes rubbish level of support for my homebirth, even though i was pretty much expecting it. i just need to compose my letter to the Supervisor of Midwives and get it sent off. I need to inform her that she will provide me with a midwife competent and confident in Home Water Birth After a Caesarean (HWBAC) or a HWBA2C in my case and i think i might request someone experienced in Breech birth just in case there are any last minute surprises on that front…… I’ve been stressed the last few days bout the 2 conversations that were required with my ex-husbands (luckliy they are now both dealt with although not perfect not bad either) and i’m also thinking about the garden and what we’re going to be planting and growing (think chickens…)

so, i’m trying to plan the garden, not worry too much about the NCT, compose my letter and get some sleep.

On a far more pleasant note not only is my Owl a daily visitor we also have another who has been seen, not a Barn Owl this time though, a Little Owl – incredibly cute and definitely Little not in anyway big!

Battery is about to die, i have to attempt to charge so that’s it for now!


2 thoughts on “all caught up

  1. hello flutterbyski,

    I am just a random hit on your blog but I am glad I got to stop and read your current entry.

    I hope your birthing process goes well and I wish you much happiness with your new family member.

    Have a great 2008.


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