a little late but an ‘almost ready for Christmas’ post

So, now we’ve just about finished our Christmas shopping and many of the gifts are handmade/decorated. I’m happy, except we couldn’t think of anything to get the girls so we resorted to comercial/consumerism and got them something I’m sure they’ll like but that won’t have the wow factor for me. I’m not going to post what in case they decide to peek at the post.

 I still need to make S her mittens and I’m not 100% happy with H’s pressie but everyone elses is great. This is what I did at the pottery cafe for grandma, s-i-l S and niece


not works of art but decorated with love. I’ll post pics of the mittens when they’re done, I can’t remember where I got the idea but I’m glad I did. Tom has hot washed the wool cardigan for me so the ‘felting’ is done, now I just need to cut out and sew. Shouldn’t take long at all.

mittens-before.jpg mittens before……

mittens-after.jpg mittens after!!


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